In London, a recurrent topic at every social gathering of young artists revolves around the need to find spaces that will inspire us to create new rituals and prosperous creative processes. Today we are confronted by a series of obstacles that are for everyone, at the heart of our social and spiritual crisis. High property prices and the lack of free communal spaces are intrinsically linked to the impulse of encouraging a major shift in our current values. Finding these spaces will lead to a reawakening of lost consciousness. We are moving towards the need to create strong local communities and to turn our view towards The Natural World. This is what a group of 14 Artists set out to discover at our residency, under the Algarvian sun.

MIA PFEIFER invited an esteemed group of creators to explore these themes. Representing diverse artistic disciplines, including photography, performance, sculpture, painting, poetic studies and visual arts. The artists were taken on a journey back to the land, to create a community where departing from each of their individual, creative practices, they became part of a collective project. The resulting exhibition presented at The Cob Gallery was a joyous reflection of this environment and an ecstatic re-imagining of our time together.

Bordering one of Europe’s largest nature reserves, lies thirty hectares of terrain, boasting mature olives and fruit trees. There are two houses called THE BEEKEEPERS and several multifunctional structures built with the sole purpose to host creative minds. The space located in Portugal is the brainchild of Tom Leamon, Jennifer MT White and local artist Pedro Leitao.

Images by Laura Adamson and Bea Bonafini